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We Provide Patents and Patent Pending Applications for investors to review and consider. All artists are providing their musical Copyrights for ECX Marketplace representation.
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Copyrights encompass Many Different Forms

Books, Movies, Movie Scripts, Television Shows, Artwork and many more iterations of content require Copyrights. Present has Copyrighted content, Patented, Patent Pending and Trademarked products and services available for public consumption. Present also provides ECX Marketplace Intellectual Property rights for investors to acquire. ECX provides investors with rating and analytical tools for the determination of the quality and investment potential of the Intellectual Property in consideration.


Brands and logos, as well as popularizing catch phrases, have become multi-million dollar businesses. Present 1st and Iunradio provide content creators outlets for their products, music, art and creative works.

Why Buy Shares Of Patents, Copyrights or Trademarks? PROFITS!
Security of investment capital and steady income streams.

How Do I Pick A Profitable Trademark, Copyright or Patent?

If creative content is already being promoted through Iunradio and Present 1st you can inspect the content and review the sales of the song, product or catch phrase. Trademarked "Catch Phrases" are used on tee shirts, posters, within songs and emblazoned on numerous types of products. Each time a product or service featuring one of these Trademarked "Catch Phrases" is sold a royalty fee is generated for that Trademark. ECX is monitoring each sale and royalty fee as it is being generated in real time! The sales and royalty fees are registered on the ECX Marketplace Intellectual Property Exchange for investors to review.

New Artist is poised to become the New Queen of Rock Meet Abi Lorrel

You should probably check out her work

Abi lorrel is a dynamic perfomer, composer, vocalist and inventor from Belarus. She has already conquered the Russian and European markets with her MTV New Artist Europe Awards and legions of fans throughout the world. She is poised to conquer the U.S. with her new invention the "Liquor Candy Pipe" featuring an allstar group of "420" friendly artists and performers. Abi Lorrel is a perfect example of what an early associated with an up and coming future superstar can benefit investors. Her creative catalog is already extensive and once she is marketed through the Phonic Guru and Released 1st system she and her IP will become household names and exponentially more valuable. She currently has a line of clothing named "CandyPipe 420" that will appeal to her fans and fans of marijuana throughout the world, she has over two hundred fully produced songs featuring superstar performers ready for release, she also has five new unique products that will be marketed throughout the world.